The De education Of Australian Students

I am also delighted to share that the History Teachers’ Association of Victoria (HTAV) has now endorsed all of Class Action’s curriculum units, and will be promoting them to history teachers across the state.

Class Action To The Rescue Of Captain Cook

Class Action program has taken a significant step towards the launch of our latest curriculum unit for Year 9 students: Captain James Cook: Brilliant navigator and intrepid traveller, or destructive coloniser?

F for Fail in Civics and Citizenship

Some of you would have heard that late last year the New Zealand High Court ruled that its current voting age of 18 is discriminatory. This year, lawmakers in New Zealand are set to debate lowering the country’s voting age to 16.

Class Action – What Is Happening Inside Our School Classrooms

Upon my return to teaching, what I witnessed inside classrooms was that from the get-go, core academic building blocks have been devalued and life-long skills have been compromised.
In their place, starting at the foundation years, students are proactively taught to become activists.