How to Hinder Freedom of Thought

Unfortunately, but unsurprisingly, I received an abundance of emails and calls from concerned parents providing examples of outright bias and indoctrination their children were exposed to in the classrooms around the country, about the Voice to Parliament referendum.

The definition of insanity

Class Action recently gained ABC News attention for its free lesson plans for schools on the Voice referendum. 

Although most students will not have a vote on this issue of the referendum, all will be exposed to arguments and campaigns for and against through the media, and in many cases in their own homes.

Is It WHAT You Say? Or HOW You Say It?

Universities have been put on notice to ensure that teacher training courses focus on the science of learning, teaching children literacy and numeracy, and keeping classrooms under control. Those that fail to meet the new standards risk losing funding or full accreditation for their courses.

The Voice: What Australian Children Need To Know

With the passing of the referendum bill through the Senate, it is now official: a referendum will be held this year to ask Australians whether they want to change the Constitution to insert a new body into our governing structure, an Indigenous-only Voice to Parliament and the Executive.

Ignoring Australia’s achievements

Recently, I found myself glued to the television watching history in the making: the coronation of King Charles III. No one does pomp and pageantry better than the British, but it was the solemn parts of the ceremony that filled me with curious pride and gratitude for Australia’s British heritage.

The De education Of Australian Students

I am also delighted to share that the History Teachers’ Association of Victoria (HTAV) has now endorsed all of Class Action’s curriculum units, and will be promoting them to history teachers across the state.