Success Is No Accident

The recent announcement by Victorian Education Minister Ben Carroll mandating all Victorian government schools to teach the same type of reading lessons, based on ‘Systematic Synthetic Phonics’, will bring Victoria into line as one of the final states and territories to adopt the change.

How much is enough?

National Reconciliation Week (NRW) runs in schools from May 27th – June 3rd. Each year, schools are offered free material from a variety of third-party sources including Reconciliation Australia, Australians Together, and for example. (Class Action has previously noted providing lesson plans to schools suggesting students refuse to stand for the national anthem.)

Everything Old Is New – Or Should Be – Again

While academically stronger performing countries promote teachers as authority figures and learning models that embrace memorisation and rote learning, in Australia, 93.7 per cent of students report using computers at school, and there is a large dependency on third party online material.

Unfortunately It’s More Of The Same

The deficiencies of Australia’s education system have been revealed again by the release of the OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment Test (PISA), confirming the trend of long term decline in levels of student learning outcomes.

How to Hinder Freedom of Thought

Unfortunately, but unsurprisingly, I received an abundance of emails and calls from concerned parents providing examples of outright bias and indoctrination their children were exposed to in the classrooms around the country, about the Voice to Parliament referendum.

The definition of insanity

Class Action recently gained ABC News attention for its free lesson plans for schools on the Voice referendum. 

Although most students will not have a vote on this issue of the referendum, all will be exposed to arguments and campaigns for and against through the media, and in many cases in their own homes.