Class Action – Take Control Of Our Children’s Education

Dear Reader,

Australian education is in crisis, and the problem is the National Curriculum.

That is why I am asking you to join me as I Iaunch my new research and outreach program, Class Action. You can learn about Class Action here.

If you thought the draft National Curriculum released last year was radical, you should see the new version. It is even worse than before and has now been endorsed by all sides of politics and will be rolled out in Australian schools next year.

It’s true that the education bureaucrats have improved the teaching of Mathematics and English, and this is good news. However, in this new curriculum, the subjects which inform Australians how to think about our country and about ourselves, are even more ideologically loaded than before.

As I wrote in The Australian:

What the national curriculum authority has produced is a political document infused with a pagan-green ideology.

Throughout the new prep to year 6 curriculum, the under-12s are continuously encouraged to think about themselves in terms of how they relate to the environment, as well as through the lens of First Nations Australians. In geography, children repeatedly are told they must care for places that are inextricably tied to their identity. What is more, First Nations Australians consistently are held up as role models when it comes to the environment.

Children are being taught it is better to be an Indigenous Australian than any other type of Australian. This is consistent with the teaching of Australia’s history. [Read here]

New Curriculum, same old leftist idealogical bent

This is a massive issue, and a growing number of Australians – parents, grandparents and teachers – are deeply concerned about what the next generation of Australian children will learn, and what kind of identity they will be taught to develop.

This is why the IPA has launched a new research and outreach program called Class Action to restore integrity to education.

Class Action takes inspiration from the strong, vocal grassroots movements in the US, where parents are demanding forthright removal of indoctrination and politically ideological content from their children’s schools – and achieving tremendous success.

The first step in this journey of rebuilding education for young Australians is arming ourselves with the necessary information.

You can start by downloading Class Action’s excellent secondary school resources here. For example, you will find the brilliant Year 7-10 History Curriculum Is Western Civilisation part of your life today? This resource was developed by a teacher for teachers but can also be used by grandparents and parents to enrich your child’s understanding of the origin and nature of many of the key civic values and institutions Australia has inherited from Western Civilisation.

Or download Class Action’s new guide, One and Free: How Australia was Made which educates young Australians about the ten most significant events and achievements that make us proud to be Australian. These are aspects of Australia’s history that they are simply not hearing from their teachers at school.

I encourage you to share these curriculum materials with any teachers you know, whether at your children’s school or perhaps with your neighbour.

Sign up to my Class Action newsletter to keep up to date with the latest developments in the National Curriculum and Australian education, and be the first to know when new Class Action curriculum materials are released.

I look forward to sharing more with you about Class Action.


Bella d'Abrera

Director, Foundations of Western Civilisation Program at the Institute Of Public Affairs