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Enrich young Australians' experience of History, Civics and Citizenship with these practical classroom resources, developed for Years 6 – 10 students, written and designed to meet the specific requirements of compulsory areas of the National Curriculum.


Learn about the ten most significant events and achievements that make us proud to be Australian.

Discover just how many aspects of our life today actually trace as far back as ancient times.

Explore the events that led to the Eureka Stockade in Ballarat. Was it a protest, riot, rebellion or revolution?


Investigate the British roots of our legal system in Australia, tracing back to British settlers in Australia.


Learn about the Magna Carta and why it is so important to Australian society today.

Contemplate Cook’s diary, international relations, Terra Nullius in this evidence based unit of study.

A compilation of 40 Valuable Books for Children and Teenagers, to showcase our rich cultural literary heritage.

Education: it’s the foundation of our culture and civilisation. By forming the minds and hearts of our children, we determine whether our future will be governed by the pursuit of the true and good, or the rule of relativism and the whims of public opinion.

Australian education is at a crisis. Here’s the problem: the National Curriculum.

From Foundation to Year 10, the Humanities and Social Sciences Curriculum carries undertones of Critical Race Theory, preoccupation with group identities, a reframing of Western Civilisation through the lens of guilt, and a reduced academic rigour, where social sensitivity is given primacy over critical thinking . . .

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Do you feel that you don’t know what your children are learning at school? Parents place a lot of trust in Australia’s education system to form their children. Unfortunately, this system is failing us, especially with the introduction of the revised National Curriculum.

Through Class Action, we want to help you as a parent regain control of your child’s education.

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Do you feel that curriculum requirements are competing with delivering a meaningful education to your students? Many teachers feel the pressure of trying to adhere to the ‘higher ups,’ without compromising on the quality education we know our students deserve.

With the introduction of the revised National Curriculum, it is not getting easier, but Class Action is here to change that.

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How Can You Help?

Class Action is a new education program calling all teachers, parents and concerned Australians who value the future of Australia to rebuild education for our children, and by doing so, contribute to a flourishing future of Australian society that knows its roots, and can humbly acknowledge its imperfections without erasing its proud achievements.

You can join us in reclaiming education by:

  • Step 1 -

    Drawing on our series of practical classroom resources in your own classroom and encouraging others to do so. Click here to download (or click the button below) these four units developed by the IPA.
  • Step 2 -

    You can stay informed by joining our mailing list for regular updates on the Class Action program and related IPA research activities and how you can help us work towards restoring Australian education.
  • Step 3 -

    Share Class Action with teachers and parents who want to reclaim education.